Leaked BIOS turns Radeon HD 7970 into GHz Edition

Icrontic reports: "Recently AMD announced that they reclaimed the speed crown for the world’s fastest single-GPU graphics card with the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition. The announcement bred a certain suspicion, which we have today confirmed: a leaked BIOS file will change your standard, “old” AMD Radeon HD 7970 almost completely into a Gigahertz Edition GPU."

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LOL_WUT2349d ago

It's such a fail drawing my little nephew can do better than that.

Rubberlegs2349d ago

You can already get these speeds pretty easily with a few different 7970 cards. I have a Sapphire 7970 overclocked at 1125/1575 running at default volts and default fan speed, runs like butter. That was only overclocked through the CCC as well maxing out the sliders.

RockmanII72349d ago

Huh, didn't expect to wake up and see a Sanic article today.

fatstarr2349d ago

reminds me of the old AMD tri core to quad core unlock. lol companies always holding out on the consumer.

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