With $60B in cash, Microsoft is set to blow up its business

Cnet: Don't be fooled. Microsoft's entrance into the tablet market shows nothing less than a willingness to overhaul its business model.With the recent announcement of Microsoft's new Surface tablet, the decades-old network of partners that Microsoft and Intel built just got a formidable new asset-rich competitor: Microsoft

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chrisarsenalsavart2059d ago

This is exactly why i hate Microsoft.
They cannot come with their own ideas so they steal others, or just buy their way to success.

aviator1892059d ago

Lol, you should know that many other companies do the same thing. But what's the point in spewing facts at a brick wall...

nukeitall2058d ago

How is it "stealing" others ideas when they "buy" it?

MS has come up with many innovative ideas, but people refuse to see them only focusing on failures.

Anarki2058d ago

Pic very much related! "OH NOEZ MICRO$OFT STOLE IDEAS"

aviator1892058d ago

So much win in that pic.

sikbeta2058d ago

Yeah... whatever, MS going on full force means more competition against Apple, that's good for consumers, I don't know about anyone, but I don't want to live in a world dominated by Apple's Monopoly

ArmrdChaos2058d ago

And the Apple corporation isn't built on the foundation of stolen material from Xerox? Gotta love how people cherry pick their perceived villains.

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foamychicken2058d ago

what ideas have they "stole".

if you say something stupid like tablets, ill punch u in the throat

Crazay2058d ago


I'm a MS fan but I will admit that they have done their fair share of IP stealing/purchasing but they def. didn't steal the tablet idea. They just helped execute the original iterations of tablets very poorly.

sjaakiejj2058d ago

Microsoft does innovate in technology, and they have a formidable R&D department. But that doesn't mean they have never stolen any ideas, and to deny that (or to deny it for any other company for that matter) is just silly. I have attached some examples below.

Axecution2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Zune LOL
The undeniable similarities to OSX in Windows Vista and 7
Avatars on the XBox
How about opening the "Microsoft Store" beside Apple Stores around the world.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2058d ago

I am on windows 8. Not that bad as people have been screaming about for desktop. It's faster and more responsive even on a 2007 lappy.