Top 5 Web Browsers Of All Time

Techflashed: Now a days there are lots of web browsers present over the internet and its not a easy task to select the prefect web browser to use the internet.There is a lots of competition between the companies to build a fast and a easy to use web browsers.Now here's the list of Top 5 Web Browsers of all time.

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Aussiegamer2363d ago

I agree with your top 4, having used all of the browsers in your top 5 and many more. Google Chrome is by far the best browser out there, clean, fast, safe, love it too bits, coming from firefox. But safari should not make it into the top 5, its slow, clunky, ugly and is a really frustrating browser to use compared to the other 4. Just my opinion, nice little read though. Cheers.

Rhythmattic2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

I Use Safari on Mac, I'm guessing your on PC? On mac its not slow, nor clunky, nor ugly, nor frustrating to use...

And from my experience,,, its faster than FF and as fast as chrome..

BTW, totally crap read.... some one sentence , some two !!!!

technologist2363d ago

Article was about the top 5 browsers not to give whole details !!

KingPin2363d ago

ive been using opera browser since forever and it just keeps getting better. no complaints. opera turbo is a plus point since the network is slow here at times. love the UI and there are plenty useful extensions not to mention its easy on resources. its fast and secure <ive never had any problem regarding security>. it also come built in with an irc client which i use daily.

so yeah, with that said, opera definitely is the best browser for me personally.

technologist2363d ago

Opera mobile version is also awesome !! i only use opera on my mobile !!