What to expect from Microsoft's press conference in Los Angeles today

TechDeville: Microsoft is set to announce some cool products today. Here's a list of what's most expected

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Speed-Racer2373d ago

Jesus Christ. Please bleach my eyes.

MWH2372d ago

lol on the above completely justified reactions.
that was horrid man!

fatstarr2373d ago

hopefully showing off that leaked 55 page Microsoft comeback document stratedgy.

mcstorm2373d ago

I think its going to be the xbox tablet i was reading about earlier today and mybe more on xbox music. I do hope that lets there zune players sync with xbox music as my other half still has her zune player.

Soldierone2372d ago

If I'm not mistaken, Zune has been "phased out" now....I was an owner too, I had the original Zune, the slimmer one, and an HD. This is why I won't buy a Windows Phone or their new tablet, don't want that to happen again.....

mcstorm2372d ago

Zune as in hard ware has stopped being made but you can still sync your zune pass with the zune MP3 players and this is the bit I am hoping they keep letting us do. We also have a Lumia 900 and 800 so its not a massive problem if they drop the support for xbox music with the zune player but she love the zune and imo they are the best of all the MP3 players out there.

Soldierone2372d ago

Yeah it was. I loved my Zune HD, I used it all the time and couldn't listen to any Ipods because the sound quality sucked in comparison. Even today I can't really listen to music on my phone because it doesn't sound as good.

I do regret selling my Zunes, but hey I needed the money.

dilawer2373d ago

Of course the new Windows RT tablet by Microsoft+Barnes & Noble. *fingerscrossed

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