Facebook Drops Google Chrome Recommendation, Replaces It With Opera

FavBrowser: More fuel to the rumor’s fire.

It looks like Facebook management decided not to bother with the Google Chrome anymore as their latest “unsupported web browsers” page has since then removed the search giant’s web browser.

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Captain Tuttle2181d ago

I actually just tested this out and it used Bing, not Opera

Speed-Racer2181d ago

Good thing they dropped Chrome. It was horrid whenever I browsed my timeline.

TechAnalyzer2181d ago

I agree with Racer-x. There are times that my settings page wont display on Chrome.

I'm not sure if Facebook is to blame, Google or both.

What I do know is that it is annoying and I would like to NOT be caught in the middle of their petty cat fight.

NovusTerminus2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Well, I use Chrome, and only Chrome. If Facebook becomes unable to load on Chrome, I will no longer use FB, simple as that.

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