The “Budget “Dual-Core Smartphone: Fight!

WhatsHawt | LG Optimus 2X, the first dual-core smartphone ever, brought about a new era for smartphones altogether! Who would have thought, that our tiny phones wold one day, grow soo big (have you looked at the Galaxy Note?), or would have Multi-Core processors someday, something we believed was exclusive to the PC brethen.

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Speed-Racer1976d ago

The sony's always looked really nice but they are always so far behind in updates. That's once reason I'm cautious. If I had to choose from that list, I would get the Samsung.

Nitrowolf21976d ago

yeah I like Sony overall design for phones, but the support it bleh comapred to other ones

NewMonday1975d ago

was waiting for Xperia Ion, but the Xperia GX blows it away, 4.6 retina screen, 13mp camera, better design, removable battery and ICS out of the box.

fatstarr1976d ago

Yea If I had to choose id Pick the samsung one as well. but I already have a galaxy...

on another note I dont like the body/style of the sony phone.

toaster1976d ago

I'm not a fan of Samsung (I find them to feel cheaply made compared to the godlike rigidity of HTC) but of the three listed I'd go with that too. Sony is far behind not only in updates but software, support, and design. They look disgusting.

nirwanda1975d ago

I prefer the greater battery life you get with samsungs compaired to HTC's but I agree HTC do feel weightier and robust.

Speed-Racer1975d ago

Yea HTCs are the boss (other than Nokia) in terms of strength. I drop my bad boy all the time and it's been over 2 years and nothing has happened to it. My motorola I had before which also fell down alot pretty much shorted out in no time.

chazjamie1975d ago

Thats why u root it, and never wait for an update again. You android buddy, they start you off with absolutely nothing, leaving you to do all the research on apps, themes, roms etc. Apple on the other hand, is easier, its guides you, there are boundaries. However, android is open. And you could probably get by with the same android phone for years, if you know what you doing.

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crazytechfanatic1976d ago

This time Sony is actually far better off than before.

I mean next month all these phones receive ICS.

HTC is like in September

vortis1976d ago

I'm just amazed at how powerful phones are becoming. Unbelievable.

crazytechfanatic1976d ago

Well, indeed that's true. Atom Net tops seems such a fad compared to these.

These can actually do something

adamant7151976d ago

£215? That's budget to you? lol

crazytechfanatic1976d ago

Cheapest dual-core adam

Read the title again

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