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Time Warner CEO Isn’t Worried About Cable TV’s Fate: “Netflix Is Good, But Not That Good”

34d ago - Ask the world’s biggest broadcasters what they think of Netflix Inc., and they’ll tell you it jus... | Industry

Time Warner Cable placed 163 robocalls about unpaid bill to wrong person

90d ago - Judge orders cable company to pay robocall victim $229,500. | Culture

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Charter vows to uphold net neutrality as it seeks Time Warner Cable deal

132d ago - The Verge: Having just witnessed the sudden collapse of Comcast's Time Warner Cable takeover, Cha... | Industry

Comcast spent $336 million on failed attempt to buy Time Warner Cable

154d ago - Comcast spent $336 million over the past year-plus on its failed attempt to acquire Time Warner C... | Industry

Why Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable may be in deep trouble

169d ago - Comcast's massive $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable appears headed into rocky regulatory... | Industry

Comcast, TWC Sued For $20B Over Racial Discrimination

224d ago - Time Warner Cable and Comcast have been hit with a lawsuit that claims damages totaling at least... | Industry

Time Warner, fighting move to municipal broadband, hosted Maine lawmakers at resort

241d ago - Threatened by the possibility that Maine cities and towns may build their own high-speed broadban... | Industry

Comcast and Time Warner Are the Most Hated Companies in America

285d ago - The only consumer survey that matters has found that among all businesses across every industry,... | Industry

Time Warner Cable Still Feebly Argues Caps Offer 'Value'

336d ago - When asked this week by an analyst whether over the top video services would ultimately drive Tim... | Services

Merger-hungry Comcast and Time Warner withdraw from FCC commissioner's dinner event

417d ago - Executives from Comcast and Time Warner Cable are stepping back from plans to fund a gala dinner... | Industry

Netflix Has More Subscribers Than Comcast and Time Warner Cable Combined

523d ago - Cord Cutters News: Comcast's is in full defense mode pushing for their merger with Time Warner Ca... | Industry

This is what happens when Time Warner Cable is forced to compete

593d ago - BGR- All of the markets where Google Fiber is mulling an expansion are extra lucky: Not only coul... | Services

America’s broken home broadband market gets perfectly summed up in one quote

596d ago - BGR: During a conference call with the press on Thursday, one reporter asked Comcast executive Da... | Culture

What a Comcast-Time Warner deal could mean for you

600d ago - CNN- When the biggest cable company in the United States buys the second-biggest cable company in... | Industry

Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable in $45 Billion deal

601d ago - TechRaptor - Comcast, the largest cable and internet provider in the United States as well as thi... | Industry

Time Warner Cable Loses 215,000 TV Customers in Fourth Quarter

633d ago - Bloomberg- Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) lost 215,000 video subscribers in the fourth quarter amid... | Services

Apple’s Move Into TV Relies on Cooperation With Industry Leaders

810d ago - NY Times: When Apple wanted to revolutionize cellphones, it held hands with AT&T. The partners fo... | Industry

NYC partners with Cablevision, Time Warner Cable to bring WiFi hotspots to city parks

812d ago - Engadget - Mayor Bloomberg's government is often finding ways to keep The Big Apple as connected... | Services

TWC TV iOS app updated for TV streaming away from home

902d ago - Engadget - As we revealed a few days ago and Time Warner Cable announced yesterday, its iOS app h... | Services

Time Warner Pays Empty Lip Service to 1 Gbps in North Carolina

914d ago - DSL Reports: Time Warner Cable hasn't been exactly what you'd call a hero when it comes to furthe... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Time Warner Cable's arrogance perfectly illustrates why the cable industry is so disliked

948d ago - BGR - By now you’ve probably read the comments from Time Warner Cable (TWC) CTO Irene Esteves exp... | Services

Time Warner Cable says there's no consumer demand for gigabit internet

949d ago - The Verge: Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, Time Warner Cable's Chief Financ... | Industry

Time Warner Cable CEO Said to Be Retiring at Year’s End

975d ago - Bloomberg-Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) Chief Executive Officer Glenn Britt, who has run the secon... | Culture

Time Warner Cable slashes prices and increases speeds in Kansas City; Google Fiber responsible?

975d ago - Vyralize: In the raging war between Google Fiber and competing cable providers, Time Warner Cable... | Services

Xbox Challenged as Cable Plots to Make Consoles Obsolete

1106d ago - Bloomberg: AT&T Inc. (T), Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) and Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) are g... | Gaming
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