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IHS iSuppli: No More Netbooks Beyond 2015

1032d ago - Maximum PC: Say goodbye to the netbook as you know it. In a couple of years, netbooks will virtua... | Industry

Intel still maintains Cedar Trail M netbook platform

1056d ago - Digitimes: While Asustek Computer and Acer will no longer launch netbooks in 2013, Intel will sti... | PC hardware

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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The Netbook Isn't Dead, It's Just Evolved

1133d ago - Maximum PC: Remember when netbooks were the hottest item in PC land? You could hardly go a week w... | PC hardware

When Netbook is greater than iPad

1335d ago - zdnet: Late last year I had the misfortune of having my desktop replacement laptop stolen when my... | Gadgets

Asus Eee PC 1225B: Release Date, Specs and Price Possibility (Updates)

1501d ago - Techgadgetsreview: Asus Eee PC 1225B netbook is fitted with AMD Brazos APU and other interesting... | Gadgets
40° - How To Make Your Netbook Useful Again

1743d ago - Josh Philpott writes: Netbooks have been around for a while now and though some of the new desig... | PC hardware

Chrome OS Netbooks to Start Shipping in The Second Half of 2011?

1771d ago - Google previously had plans for the new operating system Google Chrome OS to be available for new... | Software

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Netbook

1862d ago - MakeUseOf: For anyone with even a mild addiction to the online world, a netbook is an attractive... | PC hardware

Are Tablets Really Killing Netbooks?

1894d ago - For months we've been hearing that tablet computers--led by Apple's iPad--are hurting netbook sal... | Gadgets

Is the netbook really dead, or is it just powering up?

1922d ago - WHEN the Apple iPad was released, many industry observers said it would signal the end of cheap,... | Gadgets

Samsung’s new netbook brings increased power and style to its holiday line-up

1951d ago - Samsung is adding a new netbook to its lineup for this coming holiday season: the new NF310, whi... | PC hardware

iPad is NOT killing netbook and notebook sales

1954d ago - One of the major concerns for netbook and laptop manufacturers this years was that the iPad is ki... | Industry

6 Endangered Tech Species

1995d ago - Picking up an Apple iPad or clamoring for Amazon's Kindle? You may as well get a DVD player, too,... | Industry

New Dual-Core Intel Atom Netbook Processor

1995d ago - Netbooks with Intel's new line of dual-core Atom processors hits store shelves today. With full D... | PC hardware

Desktop PC Platform: Statistical Obituary

2000d ago - Benchmark Reviews: This is the third piece in an ongoing editorial series, in which the introduct... | Industry

Netbook-Maker Claims Apple iPad Hurts Its Market

2002d ago - Whether Apple’s iPad is killing netbooks remains a touchy subject, but Asus has added fuel to the... | Industry

Netbook Sales To Hit 36 Million In 2010

2007d ago - Businesses and consumers will purchase 36 million netbooks in 2010 globally, according to researc... | Industry

The Dumbest Invention In Personal Computing: The Netbook

2072d ago - Techi: You see, before the netbook came along, there were these wonderful things called notebooks... | PC hardware

iPad vs Netbook: The Battle Continues

2101d ago - PCWorld: It's way too early to conclude that the success of Apple's iPad has slowed down netbook... | Gadgets
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