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The best web browser of 2015: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, and Opera compared | PC World

12d ago - Mark Hachman of PC World: "We put the screws to all five modern browsers, testing them in all man... | Web

Should Web Browsers Block Copyright Infringing URLs?

17d ago - Two weeks ago the RIAA wrote a letter to BitTorrent Inc, asking the company to block "infringing"... | Web

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

The Evolution Of The Browser

179d ago - The browser wars have always been cyclical, moving from periods of monoculture dominated by one o... | Web

Vivaldi browser first impressions: it might just beat Chrome

180d ago - The Vivaldi browser is the newest browser on the market from former Opera CEO and his team. Check... | Software

13 Best Web Browser Apps for Android Phones 2014

507d ago - There are lots of Web Browsers Apps for Android available on play store, but sometimes it becomes... | Software

Windows to the Web: 10 of the best Android browser apps

531d ago - TNW - Love ‘em or hate ‘em, browsers are your window to the Web – be it on your laptop, tablet or... | Web

Link Bubble reimagines how you browse the Web on Android

531d ago - TNW - From Chrome and Firefox, to Dolphin and Opera, there’s no shortage of Android browsers to h... | Web

Mozilla Browser-Based Gaming Supports Native Unreal Engine 4 & Unity

532d ago - GamersNexus: "Mozilla has spent the last year expanding and improving its support of browser-base... | Web

Firefox is still the least secure web browser, falls to four zero-day exploits at Pwn2Own

535d ago - ExtremeTech - At Pwn2Own 2014, an annual computer hackfest in Vancouver, Mozilla’s Firefox has pr... | Web

Why Third-Party Browsers Will Always Be Inferior to Safari on iPhone and iPad

540d ago - HTG- iOS supports third-party browsers, but not like you might expect. Third-party browsers will... | Gadgets

There is no such thing as a “safer” web browser

712d ago - SCWOA- Some people take their web browser choice seriously. Other people working in a corporate e... | Software

RIAA Wants Web Browsers to Block Pirate Sites, And More

715d ago - TorrentFreak - Later today RIAA CEO Cary Sherman will outline his organization’s vision for incre... | Web

The Best Web Browser for iPhone

716d ago - Lifehacker - While mobile Safari does most of what you'd need from a smartphone web browser, and... | Web

How To Always Launch Internet Browsers In Private Browsing Mode

722d ago - Lost In Technology - Internet browsers usually store all types of information related to user’s a... | Web

New Browser Tool Claims to Reveal MEGA Users’ Master Key

730d ago - TorrentFreak - A brand new piece of software released in the past few hours claims to reveal MEGA... | Web

How to clean and secure your browser like a pro

749d ago - PCWorld - The Internet runs on ads, but when you see them in your browser, your first instinct sh... | Software

List of 23 Best Web Browsers for Windows in 2013

780d ago - Softeraa- Looking for some best web browser for Windows OS? Check out the list of some best inter... | Software

What's Appenin': Next Browser

782d ago - Molly of Ghost Volta: "There is a sea of mobile browsers out there; it’s easy to drown in them al... | Phones

Why the browser wars are important to you

852d ago - ZDNet: No one really makes any money from browsers and there are no bad ones in the top five cont... | Software

Forrester says workplace browser diversity is robust: IE at 40%, Chrome at 28%, Firefox at 25%

860d ago - VentureBeat: While Google’s Chrome web browser has seen substantial gains in worldwide market sha... | Web

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

3 common browser misconceptions explained

864d ago - Fox News: The World Wide Web is so ingrained in our digital lives that it's easy to forget how aw... | Software

5 things you need to know about Google’s Blink browser engine

879d ago - Geek: This week Google unexpectedly announced on the Chromium blog that it is forking WebKit and... | Web

Firefox 20 brings per-window porn mode, new download manager

883d ago - Geek: Firefox 20 has been released, and this particular browser release actually includes some ne... | Web

E.U. Slaps Microsoft with $731 Million Fine Over Botched Browser Ballot

911d ago - Maximum PC: It was rumored the European Union wanted close its investigation into Microsoft's "br... | Industry

HTML5 Hole in Major Browsers Lets Sites Fill Up Your Hard Drive

916d ago - Maximum PC: "A Stanford computer science student named Feross Aboukhadijeh has discovered a bug i... | Web
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