AT&T threatens user to terminate mobile contract if a quiet settlement cannot be reached

What's Hawt: AT&T is threatening to terminate the contract of one of its iPhone customers after said customer refused to settle behind closed doors with regards to a small-claims case.

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Speed-Racer1933d ago

Yet another strike for AT&T. They clearly hate their customer base.

2pacalypsenow1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

so what there's sprint t-mobile ,boost etc at&t isnt the only phone company

Speed-Racer1932d ago

Do they all offer iPhone contracts?

BubloZX1932d ago

If you unlock your iPhone they will all happily start service up on you Iphone

QuodEratDemonstrandm1932d ago

I know Sprint and Verizon have iPhones. Don't know about any others.

Sucitta1932d ago

phone companies are the new mafia

fatstarr1932d ago

"we have an offer you cant refuse."

BeastOrange1932d ago

Netflix of the mobile industry lol

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