Phones 4U 'JUMP'. Swap Your Contract Phone Every Six Months

NRM writes "We get it, and we're sure you do too if you're reading this. Two years is sometimes too long with one phone. Maybe your phone is outdated far too soon, or maybe you just want to try all of the options in the smartphone market. This is why independent phone retailer Phones 4U has begun its all new plan, simply called JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone)..."

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BeastOrange2419d ago

Yeah sometimes two years is a huge commitment, and better deals come along you can not take advantage of due to contracts.

C_Menz2419d ago

I don't find two years that big of a commitment. The main problem is people are made to think that they need the "next big thing" when in reality they are fine waiting. I am 21 and have owned a total of 3 cellphones since I was 12ish. I'm a bit tech savvy and don't see the need to shell out for minor improvements every few months.

Serg2418d ago

I am a proud owner of a Galaxy S (1), bought it when it was still fresh on the market. I recently installed Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) on it. It is freaking amazing. Samsung pulled official support, but I could care less. It runs lightning fast and stable although it's an early beta. And I am confident the amazing xda-developers community will keep up the support for the phone for at least another year. I have yet to find a graphics heavy game like Shadowgun that doesn't run smoothly/at all on my device, even without a dual core CPU.