Kaspersky Could Help Us to Protects Our Company Business

Among many of anti-virus vendors, Kaspersky is one of the top name. Besides having a comprehensive range of products for consumer grade, the brand from Russia also has the enterprise segment.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows that was introduced yesterday is their enterprise segment product. This application has been through some tests from AV Test, it is an independent research center based in Germany. Safety program is one of the important thing for a company remembering some data or informations are sensitive things.

Director Corporate Sales for APAC Kaspersky Lab, Sun Guk Ling said that hardware is not the essential thing, but data is the most important one.

Endpoint Security. 8 has several features that are capable of giving intelligent cloud-based protection. Thus, the application will perform in real-time updates against new threats and the unknown threats.

According to Ling, Kaspersky Lab’s technology has protected more than 300 million users that spread across five continents.

Beside, the program also has control applications to help IT admins to monitor and even block certain applications.

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