The decline and fall of Kodak

Pocket-Lint: Kodak, founded in 1896, is finding itself on the edge of bankruptcy after a stock plummeted to its lowest levels since 1935 on Friday.

The latest stock price, which closed at 78 cents only to rise to $1.02 in after hour trading, values the company at just over $200 million, a far cry from the $28 billion the company was worth in 1997.

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drdistracto7072393d ago

"The Decline and Fall..."

this feels like one of those ACT questions that everyone gets right...

gaffyh2392d ago

This doesn't sound too good for Kodak, guess it's to be expected though, phones nowadays have amazing cameras. The only thing Kodak could do is to manufacture digital camera parts and sell to phone manufacturers, but they were too slow on the uptake.