Music Labels sue YouTube music converter TubeFire

A chain of music recording labels have filed a lawsuit against a Tokyo-based YouTube to MP3 converting website, TubeFire. They are suing for $3 million in damages and want the site to be shut down indefinitely.

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jon12342667d ago

ha i hope they lose, damn greedy companys....

Software_Lover2667d ago

Companies just need to grow with the technology. Cant rely on old dinosaur standards.

KingPin2667d ago

ok, so i can use other sites, download the youtube video to HD video format, and then rip the sound to mp3 and voila, i have the song.

stop suing for bullshit. seriously. sue youtube for getting your shit there in the first place. once its on the net for all to see, it belongs to the people. why do companies need to learn this the hard way.

toaster2667d ago

Yah it's called YOUtube, not greedycorporatebastardstube

Flavor2667d ago

why are they greedy, they promote and distribute artists's songs. It's a business.

fatstarr2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Man i got my own personal converters I dont need any site.

I hope the music companies get what comes to em, the industry needs to change i dont buy cds nor do i trust my information with apple so i have no legal means except amazon and going to the store.

you can find almost any song on the dam internet anyway.

and clipconverter is a way better it became what dirpy was.

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The story is too old to be commented.