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Firefox 6 Gets an Official Release Date

Firefox 6 has received an official release date of August 16, however, you may download it right now from the Mozilla website ahead of schedule.

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Killzoned1989d ago

What? Wasn't FireFox 5 just released like a couple months ago?

Peaceful_Jelly1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

they changed their approach to be now more like google Chrome. One big release every 2 months and like 3 little updates per month.

Everybody is copying Google (and I mean EVERYBODY!) because Chrome is so ahead of the times is crazy. Is like "Windows 7 vs X Lion" where X Lion is like 5 years ahead of Windows 7.

Gondee1989d ago

I think your backwards. Lion is way behind Windows 7.

halocursed1989d ago

Lion is years ahead of Win 7? I love Apple too, but I'm not blinded by stupid fanboyism.

Speed-Racer1989d ago

Get off your high horse son and face reality. Win 7 is much better than Lion... have you even used Windows 7?

TheEatingVodka1989d ago

That comment is worth a LOL. Not more than that.

fatstarr1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I agree with the copying

and i also agree

ps2 is definitely years ahead of ps3.

and dial up is vastly superior to fiber.

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Istanbull1989d ago

I think they made a mistake when they decided to release big updates like 4 5 6 so quickly. just imagine what we'll have in 2 years: Firefox 20?

Speed-Racer1989d ago

AOL got hacked last night, still want to use it?

TheEatingVodka1989d ago

He added this "/s" for a reason..

fatstarr1989d ago

ooo i got this.

I shall tell you

years ago it was hard to tell sarcasm on the internet

so thru forums and mmos and sites like n4g

adding /s means sarcasm :]

Speed-Racer1989d ago

Damn, never ever saw that over the 10 years of browsing the internet as well as reddit and 4chan :P

fatstarr1989d ago

yes its becoming widely more popular now adays, lol i was adding /s since 2007 not many knew what it meant but its catchin on by the day.

and i doubt they would use it on 4chan haha everything is serious there.

GrumpyVeteran1989d ago

I've only ever seen /s used on & techspy.

So don't worry about it lol, its localised pretty much here.

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ryuuk1989d ago

Win 7 is a piece of crap are you kidding me? i prefer Lion. Im not a fanboy, im just a consumer who doesnt need microsofts crappy OS software anymore

fatstarr1989d ago

Explain this why windows 7 is crappy?

f7897901989d ago

Vista was crap. Windows 7 is good. Get your facts straight.

Preference of windows or apple does not make the other crap.

Speed-Racer1989d ago

You must must must be joking me... unless your PC is running on a 133 mhz processor.

MisfitSmurf1989d ago

I didn't even know 5 was out.

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