Anonymous takes down Syrian Ministry of Defense website

Anonymous has reportedly struck again, taking down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website, in support of the ongoing war between the people of Syria and the Bashar Al-Assad regime.

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RonyDean1900d ago

Scary to think what one guy or a group of people can do.

Speed-Racer1900d ago

Would you believe me if I told you I was anonymous? ... oh wait...

norman291899d ago

its only a website, not like its the defense system itself

Rush1899d ago

Didn't know Syria had a defence system....

kidding before anyone loses there rag.

halocursed1899d ago

I don't know what support does anon bring by hacking the government's website apart from the fact that it was a political propaganda site to brainwash the Syrian people.

theonlylolking1899d ago

When are they going to take down M$, apple, Australia, and china?

lugia 40001899d ago

A ddos attack. So scary.