Arizona lawmen hit a third time by hackers

For the third time in a week, hackers have released information pilfered from compromised online accounts of Arizona law enforcement officers.
Under the "AntiSec" umbrella, the combined Anonymous-LulzSec hacker group is targeting government agencies, financial institutions, and other high-profile targets. AntiSec first released e-mails, phone numbers, passwords, and other information belonging to the Arizona Department of Public Safety on June 23. The hackers said they are targeting the police organization to protest "racial-profiling anti-immigrant" policies, specifically SB1070, which makes it a crime to be in Arizona without documentation proving United States residency.
Earlier this week, AntiSec released information from personal e-mail accounts of officers. And last night, the hackers defaced eight Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Web sites (the FOP sites for Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson were inaccessible today) and released e-mail messages, passwords, and other informa...

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fatstarr2514d ago

hahaha the can opened up

a_bro2514d ago

kinda reminds me when Anon took down Hal Turner off the radio...

ThrazN72514d ago

I'm from Arizona and the police over here are really ignorant. racism is a huge issue and every day it seems their is always a protest. i hate conservative state's like Arizona might move to California or Washington