Flashing Electronic Ink Displays On “Cloths” Coming Soon

It won’t be long enough when we begin seeing T-shirt apparel or even tyvex cloths enclosing our postal envelopes, being fully embedded with animated messages and icons. This upcoming technology is pushing the capabilities of the existing electronic inks to a bright new level.

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M4I0N32429d ago

can't wait to wear something like that on a T-shirt

hazelamy2429d ago

cool, those animated logo shirts from home could be coming to the real world sooner rather than later.

though i'd really like to see a tv you can roll up and take with you.

RockmanII72429d ago

I remember when I was in high school I really wanted a shirt that had something like that. It could really catch on.

polarbear2428d ago

If we are able to upload our own art into the clothes then I'm all for it

michass82428d ago

Looks cool. New era for marketing and advertising :)

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