Breaking: Verizon To Go To Tiered Data On July 7? writes: This could be it folks. We just received a ton of emails from the site contact form, saying its now being said around the Interweb’s that Verizon tiered data could very well start on July 7th. What does this mean? If you currently have an unlimited data plan on Verizon, and plan on staying with them for the long haul, do NOT change plans. You will be grandfathered in.

If you do not currently have a Verizon smartphone on unlimited data, and plan on porting over to VZ, you need to do this ASAP, assuming this news is in fact true. Say goodbye to unlimited 4G data, folks.

What else can you do? Seeing as TMobile gives you 2GB than throttles you and ATT does 2GB plus overages, that leaves Sprint as the only remaining provider with truly unlimited 4G in the US. It had to go eventually. As to what data plans we shall see is anyones guess right now.

Will update you as we learn more.

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