Intel exec throws fuel on the "Intel to fab Apple chips" rumor fire

Ars: At an investor event in London, remarks by Intel CFO Stacy Smith gave a boost to the recent rumor that Intel may be in talks with Apple to fabricate the ARM-based chips that go into iPhones and iPads. "If Apple or Sony came to us and said 'I want to do a product that involves your IA (Intel architecture) core and put some of my IP around it,' I wouldn't blink. That would be fantastic business for us," said Smith in a Q&A session with journalists.

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Sahil2546d ago

i dont think it has anything to do with whether meego etc fail and all to do with can intel use spare capacity to make more money.

if yes then they manufacture for apple

fatstarr2546d ago

I think that ARM has that part of the industry secured.

Sahil2546d ago

I think Intel is frightened that Apple 'might' have the ability to make their own chips. I don't blame Intel for leaving the door open and hoping that Apple voluntarily steps in for a 'lucrative' chat.

fatstarr2546d ago

well in the end of the day its all about market share and thats intels main goal is to dominate their market.

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