Sharp Releases 70-inch LCD to the Masses

Sharp has begun shipping its 70-inch LCD HDTVs to retailers nationwide, making it the largest LCD screen on the market.

The LC-70LE732U features a backlit LCD screen and uses the Quattron Quad Pixel Technology, which creates a brighter picture and reproduces more colors than comparable HDTVs.

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_Q_2609d ago

Thats a pretty reasonable price for the real estate.. I'm gonna be plasma until OLED(or something better) is standard..

_Q_2608d ago


thinking2607d ago

I got me a 50 inch TV yesterday :)

that bitch is huge enough ;)

_Q_2607d ago

Haha fair enough.

Im a bit of an enthusiast and I bought based on viewing distance,I run a 58" Panasonic S2 but if it made sense to go up i'd keep going haha. I want as close to the full HT feel as I can get. A larger screen only adds...of course,if space permits.

Are you setting up a HT or are you just going screen?

thinking2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

not going for the whole ht set up. Just for the tv xD

Ramon3MR2608d ago

That's humongous! Would love to play Crysis 2 on that bad boy.