Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor for 2012

In Japan, Nintendo has just confirmed that the successor to the Wii will launch in 2012, with the console set to be revealed at this year's E3 in June.

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thinking2581d ago

and it only took 5 years into this current gen of consoles for nintendo to join Sony and Microsoft. :\

_Q_2579d ago

Anyone else feel like this is Ninty making a mad dash because the 3DS isn't what they thought it'd be? I bet Ninty made a huge gamble and lost with the 3DS. Traditionally Ninty does this. They'll slay for a gen or so then make a bad decision...Virtua Boy after the success of NES,GB and SNES..Ninty comes with Virtua boy....N64 was the shit as was GBC and GBA but then...compact disc expansion for the N64 went wrong(which coincidentally spawned PlayStation brand) and then GameCube... Next you have the DS,DSi and Wii....Now the 3DS is bombing...Nintendo does this all the time.