Firefox 5 Release Date and New Features

The development of the next version of the browser Mozilla, Firefox 5, is occurring at a frenetic pace, as evidenced by the performance we can expect from this new browser that will theoretically on 29 June and now know more details.

The pages of Firefox and in particular the section of the user interface displays up to nine distinct characteristics which are scheduled to make its entry into Firefox 5, although some may be delayed until 6 or Firefox Firefox 7, will this version also year.

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_Q_2543d ago

Way to piss of users so soon Mozilla. Slow it down lets get adjusted yeah?

RememberThe3572542d ago

Haha I'm still on 3.6.16 I had the Firefox 4 beta for a while but it just took up too much resources so I uninstalled it. Now their talking about 5 and I'm not even using 4 yet. WTH is going on at Mozilla?

TheIneffableBob2542d ago

They're changing their release methodology or whatever. Instead of spending a year or two working on a new version of a single release, they're going to develop new versions which include a couple new features every couple months. They ran into so many headaches and delays with Firefox 4's development. By following Chrome's lead with the rapid deployment of updates, the Mozilla team can more easily stay on the leading edge of technology, keep users interested in their browser, and more easily respond to what users want.

BubbleSniper2542d ago

piss of user for a FREE browser?

dunno bout you! but i gonna upgrade !

2542d ago
darkdoom30002542d ago

They already said before- they're shortening the times between releases of new versions, probably to "catch up" to chrome 10 and IE8

Speed-Racer2542d ago

LOL at you all saying... ALREADY?

I'll be testing the beta once it comes out. It if's nice, I'll jump over the Firefox 5 :P