GoDaddy CEO posts video of him killing elephants in Africa

Bob Parsons, GoDaddy CEO, has posted a video online of him killing elephants in Africa which has caused widespread outrage. The video is pretty graphic so if you’re easily upset I highly recommend you do not view the video.

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technologymob2397d ago

I wasn't sure whether to embed the video or not... It is pretty graphic so I thought it best to leave it out. Let me know if you want it in though.

Aussiegamer2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I think a lot of people leave out why they killed the elephant. People are always going to read things the way they want though.

Speed-Racer2397d ago

Good thing my domain is hosted at fastdomain

technologymob2397d ago

I have the odd domain with them that was pushed, all transferred when they are up though.

Frak2396d ago

If he was BBQuing it than its fine, if it was just for FUn than its very wrong and a sin

justGAMES2396d ago

Idk The people look pretty happy with the killing and the MEAT!!
You guys eat hamburgers, and hotdogs, and steaks right so what's the difference???

_Q_2396d ago

A lot of the time Elephants are a nuisance in those parts and actively target people. The locals will actually want the problematic pachyderm killed. I bet they killed two birds with one stone. They make a foreigner pay to kill the elephant and boom nuisance gone(the meat benefit too). Animals and people are still fighting for turf in some places in Africa. Don't be so quick to judge guys theyre has to be more to this.

Parapraxis2396d ago

Hey hey, glad to see some smart comments.

PETA are delusional and as usual riding high and mighty. They don't give a crap if peoples only means of survival depends upon a harvest of a crop which is ruined by these foraging animals.
They also seem to be able to ignore the fact that these animals will provide sustenance for the people. I love animals as well, but I do see the life of a human being as a little more important.

Humans and animals cannot always live in harmony as these la-la-land fanatics would like to believe.

technologymob2396d ago

While I agree that the elephants are probably damaging crops and the villagers need the food/resources the editing was AWFUL.

There was no need to include that music in there. That was the problem for most I think. Plus, it didn't need to be as graphic.

_Q_2396d ago

Thanks appreciate the compliment.

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