Sprint opposes AT&T, T-Mobile deal

Sprint has announced that is against the planned deal between AT&T and T-Mobile.

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louievillalobos2672d ago

So Sprint is saying it hurts competition?

gamersheep2672d ago

That's basically what Sprint is saying.

fatstarr2672d ago

more sounds like sprint is hurt and scared that they will be destroyed.

dizlaoboi9162672d ago

sprint are sissies, hey sprint remeember when you bought nextel? by the way, make 4g worth a shit before you go to court and cry over someone having more chips than you. must be those stupid nascar advertismenets you keep dumping into. sissies

BubbleSniper2671d ago

you people missing the entire point... while sprint it asshurt

this merger would shit all over the people who like to save money

tmobile is a great carrier for the basic needs of a cellphone user.

either way you look at it this merger is bad.

take it from someone who had AT&T for a year... i would never go back to them an already talked to my significant other about switching carrier once our contract is up...

we both loyal customers since 2008...

opticnads2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Yeah some of you guys dont get it. ATT&T is already big and now they will be gigantic. Their plans suck but now they have a reason for it to continue to be as crappy as they are.

The only people who will benefit from this is ATT&T. Consumers get screwed the most out of this deal. Is everyone ok with that?

BubbleSniper2671d ago

hell no! cuz that what this is... it HELL for the customer.

i enjoy bein tmobile customer with my unlocked iphone4... i dont want AT%T to screw that up!

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