Dell’s new Inspiron R Series Laptops are now available for purchase from Dell

Dell’s New Series of Inspiron R series laptops are finally available from Dell, the new laptop is equipped with Intel’s 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors and are available in variety of designs.

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techprezz2682d ago

Most affordable Laptops with great specs

fatstarr2681d ago

yes... but their desktops are another story.
I haven't owned a dell product since 2003 though.

techprezz2680d ago

Why? i think Dell products is highly durable too. At least in my experience.

toaster2680d ago

It depends on what product it is. I usually stay away from Dell laptops, but I will always try to buy Dell monitors. I love my 2407WFP!

fatstarr2680d ago

Dell products are iffy.
somethings they make good
but others its n/a

at School i do computer repairs and a lot of people come to me with dells.

1 drop the screen cracks
drivers go corrupt or missing
harddrives go bye bye

unless you are extremely careful dells are bound to break with in 1 -2 years.