Google Reveals New Logo for Chrome

The new logo was revealed in developer version 11 (11.0.696.12) of Google Chrome. The new design looses the bubbly 3D look and replaces it with a clean, flat and geometric look.

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michass82204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Well, Microsoft and Firefox bringing some innovations, so Google can't sleep while competitors are working hard LOL

fatstarr2204d ago

Oh God that is Ugly. I wont be upgrading anytime soon I like the old logo better for some reason, they took away the shine.

toaster2204d ago

I actually like it. The new logo matches the idea of minimalism of Chrome so a flat 2D logo would make sense.

fatstarr2204d ago

you really like it? the old one is way way way better.

toaster2204d ago

Well looks are always subjective. I do still like the old one and either one will work for me.

Jihaad_cpt2199d ago

I prefer the new look too, sometimes simple is better and I believe it fits the Google philosophy which is function over form...

KingPin2204d ago

is that it? looks like something a 3 year old doodled.