Nasa reveals plan to prevent supervolcano eruption ‘greater than asteroid or comet threat’

Scientists are working on strategies to prevent a supervolcano erupting which could have devastating effects on the world’s climate.

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ajax17273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

This really is terrifying. North Korea and asteroids are small potatoes compared to a damn supervolcano eruption.

Say what you will about global warming, but global cooling is MUCH worse. Which is what we'll get if this thing erupts. I say triple NASA's budget if they can ensure this global catastrophe be prevented.

OffRoadKing273d ago

So risk setting off a disaster so you can make power you can sell, yeah this doesn't sound like an excuse to make money at all. I like how we're conveniently at the 600,00 year mark as well.

dcbronco272d ago

It would be a win-win-win. What's the problem? NASA can use the money to finance itself. It's not burning fossil fuels. It prevents another supervolcano.