Lamborghini smartphone will cost you $6,000

The word "Lamborghini" likely makes you think of very expensive cars, but there's another product line with the same name that will set your wallet back, too.

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Devil-X983d ago

At least it's cheaper than a Lamborghini.

Tzuno981d ago

Is it something that 90% of the people will never have.

ChrisW980d ago

More like 99.99999999%

ChrisW980d ago

It should at least have 128Gb, preferably 512Gb.

LightDiego980d ago

Pre-ordered. Now if you want to pretend that you are rich, should buy a Lamborghini smartphone, not an Iphone.

cl1983980d ago

You still need to make sure you'll have the network support before buying it.

Kurylo3d978d ago

i'd rather rent a lambourghini for a day.