PhoneArena - Google Nexus 9 Review

PhoneArena - Google’s line of Nexus tablets have always been a delightful bunch, not only for the affordable cost attached to them, but also for the fact that they’re normally the first to offer the most up-to-date version of Android. It all started with the original Nexus 7 back in the summer of 2012, followed subsequently by the release of the Nexus 10, and then the refreshed version of the 2013 Nexus 7. Each tablet, of course, proved that it didn’t require consumers to fork over huge sums of money to pick up and own a high-performing unit. Instead, Google’s line of Nexus tablets ushered in a new era for the segment – one that continues to highly competitive and budding.

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TechImperia1331d ago

probably bigger and less compact

Sahil1326d ago

Same form factor, kind of. Same screen size, no. Google has stated that this tablet is not meant to compete directly against the iPad, but I tend agree with you. Regardless of what they say, this is meant to go up against the iPad.