Uber Driver Tells Cancer Patient She Deserves To Be Sick For Canceling Ride

Uber is not having a good week: a top Uber executive allegedly bragged about potentially hiring a team to smear its critics in the media; the company scrambled to apologize and distance itself; then it opened an investigation; then Ashton Kutcher got involved. The latest bit of bad news is that one of its drivers told a woman with cancer she deserved to be sick because she canceled her Uber ride one minute too late.

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ajax171335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Wow, just wow.

Speed-Racer1335d ago

That guy is sickening. Everything about Uber is horrible. I'll stick with Handicar.

plmkoh1334d ago

OMG individual man has opinion and random anger outburst. We should report it to the world police.

Jihaad_cpt1334d ago

I agree this has nothing to do with Uber this is just a sad guy that is rude. What the eff is wrong with the "journalism?"

tontontam01334d ago

Facebook user tells me I deserve to be sick, FACEBOOK IS HORRIBLE.

ChristopherJack1334d ago

More like Facebook admin tells you that you deserve to be sick.
Your metaphor would be more akin to another passenger rather than a representative of the company.

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