6 Uber Alternatives Because Uber Is Run By Dirtbags

Have you had it with Uber yet? The company price-gouges customers, screws over its drivers, and now, an Uber exec just publicly outlined a cavalier plan to spy on journalists in retaliation for critical coverage. Good news! You don't have to use it anymore. You can use these alternatives instead.

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Sahil1328d ago

I never cared for Uber or any of the other unlicensed taxi services. They just struck me as dishonest by branding themselves as "ridesharing" services rather than the taxibservice they really are. Give me a car2go anyday over just another taxi service.

neoragex1328d ago usual, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that my Windows Phone is a 3rd-class citizen. Hopefully over the years that might change. An easy alternative is of course just calling a cab, on the very rare occasion that public transport won't suit my needs.

neoragex1328d ago

I'm in Toronto too and while I strongly agree that Uber is run by dirtbags, I use UberX because it's the best option right now.

neoragex1328d ago

There had to be some method of getting around Toronto before Uber...

Sahil1328d ago

In that case, I think Steven Wright put it best "Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time." Is a fold able bike not an option or is it too cold up there?