In the name of security, German NSA committee may turn to typewriters

Patrick Sensburg, chairman of the German parliament's National Security Agency investigative committee, now says he’s considering expanding the use of manual typewriters to carry out his group's work.

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proudly_X1467d ago

LOL!!! I couldn't stop laughing. Can't remember the last time I set my eyes on a typewriter... Mhen, that device was really awesome.. :D

Jrmy841466d ago

With all the spying and hacking going on, especially from the Chinese government alone in hacking I would go back to low tech typewriters for security reasons also. That being said still won't absolutely stop the spying of said documents though('! ')

Soldierone1465d ago

Why don't you just create a network of computer that is not "online" to everyone else? If that fails just go back to say DOS and make a program that covers you up?

It just seems more convenient than a type writer. Those things are an absolute pain to use.

If it's an inside leak, then build computers that have no USB ports or disc drives, along with a private network, so that nobody can steal the files.