Panda 4.0: Why eBay Just Lost 80% of its Organic Rankings

Poor eBay will not feature itself in the first page of Google search results owing to the new update brought in by Google according to reports. Is Panda 4 update the real reason behind this downfall of eBay. And eBay! You never said that you sell severed heads, vomits and (yeah!) Bill Gates.

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prodigy10111736d ago

New and used love for sale! That was epic

Settler1735d ago

So SEO stuff is allowed here ?? Did came to know that today :P

Speed-Racer1735d ago

I guarantee you it's generally not but this is a noteworthy story given that eBay is pretty big. So no...dont post any "10 ways to boost your WordPress' SEO"

Soldierone1735d ago

Shouldn't a trustworthy site come before a "detailed" site though?

For example if I search for a knife and Ebay pops up, I know what I'm getting into. That knife could be cheap Chinese crap, it could be awesome Chinese blades, but either way Ebay has my back. If I pay for it, never get it, Ebay will handle it. etc... If I'm a seller, I trust Ebay at the expense of outrageous fee's.

Now say I Google the knife instead and 3 other "content heavy" sites pop up, who's to say I should trust them just because they copied and pasted a few reviews to the item itself? Scams-R-us shows up before Ebay just for that reason? Being Google, the average user might actually trust it and since it's before Ebay it will make the site seem more "legit" in their eyes. That isn't right to me.

When making these algorithms there should come a point when "exceptions" are put in. I meant they purposely filter out "spam" and porn etc... so why not do the opposite and purposely allow Ebay and Amazon etc?

Speed-Racer1735d ago

What I don't understand is how eBay even got those ads approved in the first place. My assumption was that all submitted AdWords ads are reviewed for QA purposes before going live.

I guess this eBay's fault anyway for trying to gamify search results. It shows us that even the big giants are susceptible because of poor business practices.