Google Fiber set to expand to Grandview, Missouri

Vyralize: Google Fiber continues to spread its wing, this time to the suburban community of Grandview, Missouri.

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Vyralize1719d ago

Can't wait for it to come to my area!

Speed-Racer1719d ago

And now Google will know more about you! Oh well.

Majin-vegeta1718d ago

Whats so special about Google Fiber?

Ghost_of_Tsushima1718d ago

Well geez idk maybe that it's 1Gb speed? Lol

Asuka1718d ago

google offers 1Gb/s speeds. they also offer tv service. Their down speeds and up speeds are essentially the same as well. But the biggest selling point to most people is that they offer 5Mb down and up completely FREE

kingPoS1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

No it's not free, but for a lot of DSL users like me it may as well be.

Asuka1718d ago

oh yes you are are correct. i forgot about the $300 installation/startup fee =p

ABizzel11718d ago

This is bittersweet. That means it'll be in should be in my neighborhood soon, but I'm moving by the end of the summer :(

However, I'm moving to Austin, aka the next Fiberhood citer :)