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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Revealed; Samsung Looks Like Apple With Release

VG Republic Writes: It’s coming… the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks to be on the verge of a potential release at least for AT&T customers per a Staples Employee Information Card that shows the phone is set for a week away, per a report on Engadget. According to the report T-Mobile will be the next to receive the next installment of the cellular behemoth and Verizon is setting up to be the last. There was no mention of Sprint in the report, so at this point it is looking more likely that Staples will not carry the offering for them instead of the carrier not receiving the phone. The Galaxy S3 has been out for less than one year and even within a few months of the release date, there were already rumblings of the S4 being in development and after the announcement of the next phone those rumors proved true. The bigger issue in all of this is that the S4 being on the horizon doesn’t look to be a major stepping stone in right direction or anything in terms of advancements like its predecessor was. Instead the device looks like the iPhone 4s from the iPhone 4 with minimal improvements and being more about grabbing money and neglecting to be something better.

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fatstarr1889d ago

this article is spot on, it is an apple move. but its started. the cycle of yearly phones has begun. its just a matter of time before it bursts. then it goes to windows for 2014 or 2015 for a bubble build up. then it bursts everyone goes to blackberry then it dies again to the iphone and the cycle repeats. right now android is the tip of the iceburg the top device with the most sales and one of the best modding community that is onpar with the windows phone mod development back in the day. honestly apple microsoft/nokia or blackberry have to innovate and revolutionize to change the phone path. imo they are just doing what apple did now I thought they would be different but global market share and money changes everything.

Bathyj1889d ago

You can say its just a money grabbing ploy but not everyone buys every phone that comes out. For people on 2 year contracts it means we still have Galaxy 2's and the 4 is coming out at just the right time for me.

pompombrum1889d ago

Yup, I'm upgrading from a Galaxy S2 and I think I'm going to be more than happy with the S4.

Seraphim1889d ago

Death to Contracts! Death to overpriced Smartphone plans!! Seriously though, that is part of the problem. 2 year plans means people aren't always able to upgrade every time a new phone drops or every year an annual release hits the shelves. It kills me that Verizon got rid of 1 year plans too. I liked the idea of spending an extra $50-80 and being able to upgrade annually. Or at the very least, upgrade between a year & two once a phone that caught my attention released.

I have the Galaxy Nexus for a few more months until my contract is up but I'm on the fence. I'm paying nearly $90 a month after discount for 450 min, unlimited text & data. I'm sorry but that's just way too much and I'm sick of getting raped. Verizon themselves offer unlimited talk, text 2 MB web prepaid for only $70. I'm kind of sick of being hosed on my plan so there's a good chance I'll be moving on.

Panthers1889d ago

Whats the purpose of upgrading that often? Ive had my phone for about 2 years now and I see no need to get another. Its just an annoyance having to transfer everything.

Dont get me wrong, I hate contracts too. T-Mobile has iPhone now so I might go with them when Im done with AT&T.