Logitech Loses Interest in Console Peripherals, Reaffirms Commitment to PC Products

Maximum PC: Logitech has seen better quarters than its most recent one, in which sales were $615 million, down 14 percent from $715 million one year prior. The company posted an operating loss of $180 million, in part based on a non-cash goodwill impairment charge estimated to be $211 million, but also because it's just not selling as many peripherals. In an attempt to turn things around, Logitech said it's discontinuing "non-strategic products," including speaker docks and console gaming peripherals.

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justinbkerr1246d ago

And the cycle begins again.

Software_Lover1246d ago

I love my g13. I just wish it had a better sized analog stick and that it was better placed. Although a different size could make up for the slight displacement.

Blackdeath_6631245d ago

damn, need to pick up a logitech racing wheel for GT before they stop making them.

iamnsuperman1245d ago

because they are crap. If you are going to make console peripherals make them good.

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