Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Images Leaked?

Androidome - The official Facebook Samsung Pakistan page accidentally showcased the image of what is being considered as the next Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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bahabeast2114d ago

i fell in love with first one didnt get one, this is on my wish list.

WitWolfy2114d ago

Nice when my upgrade is due I'll rather take this above the S3

frozenfish2114d ago

I'm a self confessed apple fanboy but I have to give it to Samsung - This phone looks stunning! I've been wanting apple to trim down the bezel on the iPhone for years now... This and the new iPhone combined would make the perfect device!

Petro2113d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but this is OLD render of S3 IIRC. Well old it is anyway, and not made by Samsung.

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