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Japan Trade Ministry Investigating Reports of Overheating PlayStation Vitas

wired : Sony’s PlayStation Vita is one literally hot portable game console, with various reports noting it as a fire hazard which tends to overheat while it is being charged.

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Captain Tuttle1639d ago

Eeesh. Sony can't catch a break with the Vita

mushroomwig1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

31 cases, is that it? Yet more needless sensationalism by the look of things.

Also, what's with the title? Please use the one that's linked with the article. No need to create your own just for the attention.

ShinFuYux1639d ago

My vita doesn't overheat when it's charging. SO FALSE!

searchbuzz1639d ago

Just play in the fridge, simples.

aDDicteD1638d ago

never heard about overheating ps vita until now. hope that it's a case to case basis and how the owner handle their vita