Windows 8 operating system introduces new logo design

Windows Blog: We have said that Windows 8 is a complete reimagination of the Windows operating system. Nothing has been left unexplored, including the Windows logo, to evaluate how it held up to modern PC sensibilities. The Windows logo is a strong and widely recognized mark but when we stepped back and analyzed it, we realized an evolution of our logo would better reflect our Metro style design principles and we also felt there was an opportunity to reconnect with some of the powerful characteristics of previous incarnations.

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Fadetoblack693939d ago

Rotate the new logo 90 degrees to the left and it looks like Windows 8 going into the recycle bin hahah

This new logo is so boring I thought this article was a joke....

Solid_Malone3939d ago

yeah the logo looks pretty terrible

Patriots_Pride3939d ago

Because a bitten Apple and a Green Robot is so innovative and awesome.

Bounkass3939d ago

Looks stupid to me... Are they saving money on 3D designers too?

Speed-Racer3939d ago

:/ A 5 year old could have designed that. For a system that is so good, they cheaped out in the design department.

somekindofmike3939d ago

they hired one of the most respected design agencies in the world, it wasn't a case of "cheaped out" I'm sure they paid top dollar for this.

Even so, it is very meh...

Hozi3939d ago

LOL....MS has all the money in the world so they hire a top design company to design something my 8 year old nephew could do....I guess when the money keeps pouring in you can spend it however wildly you want.

Speed-Racer3939d ago

SO it's a 6 year old. Jk...but seriously, that is a waste of money. Might be minimalist, but it doesn't have that striking effect. Maybe if they used a color scheme rather than one color, or asymmetric shapes.

C_Menz3939d ago

What's wrong with the Windows 7 logo? Looks a lot better than this Windows 8 logo to me.

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