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If you run a game news related website or blog, submitting your news stories to TechSpy is a great way to promote your site and gain new readers. We also recommend that you take advantage of the TechSpy news tips feature. This way your own readers can recommend your news stories to be featured on TechSpy Each time one of your readers click on the TechSpy news tips link or button on your site, your story will climb the TechSpy news tips chart. TechSpy send millions of hits to game sites each month. Since TechSpy is a targeted game news site, the chance of your stories hitting the front page is a lot higher compared to other social news and bookmaking sites.

How to set up external tips submission

Here is a short explanation of how you can integrate a news tips feature on your website or blog. Feel free to alter them and customize them for your site.

Url to use:

Url Parameter Descriptions

  • Should contain the url of the story
  • Should be as clean as possible, no users sessions or user-specific date in the url.
  • URL-encode the urls like this:

  • URL-encode the story title


Here is an example of how the news tips link can look, but feel free to customize it the way you want. A good place to add the link is at the end of your articles, making it easy for your readers to vote on your stories. We recomend that you host the image on your website.

Example 1:
Code for this example:

<img src="https://newsboilerstorage.blob.core.windows.net/gen/nb-16x16-icon.gif" border="0" title="Tips TechSpy about this story" /> <a href="https://techspy.com/tips?url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.YourSite.com%2fYourStory.html&title=StoryTitle" target="_blank" title="Tips TechSpy about this story">Tips TechSpy</a>


Here are some icons you can use when linking to TechSpy.

TechSpy https://newsboilerstorage.blob.core.windows.net/gen/nb-16x16-icon.gif

RSS Feeds

You can add TechSpy RSS Feeds to your site so it has all the latest game news.