Microsoft makes it even harder to avoid upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has modified its Windows 10 upgrade pop-ups yet again, making them more deceptive to trick unsuspecting users to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1

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Speed-Racer2563d ago

I am disappointed to see Microsoft going down this road just for an update. They're just as bad as those fake download button ads.

nchizimbi2563d ago


I have three desktop PCs, which are still running Windows 7. I was going to upgrade all of them to Microsoft's new operating system, but I am still contemplating to upgrade one or two PCs out of the three. I still love Windows 7. Either way, there will be a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs. All three had this "Get Windows 10" notification, but with this Microsoft strategic upgrade force move, I have been uninstalled the notification... when I decided to upgrade, I just to a manual download/install instead of this auto-method.

The only Windows 10 upgrade done is on my laptop.

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Erik73572563d ago

Yes, there trying to unify pc market to operate under one OS...there desperate for that.
I really wounder who doesnt have windows 10 and be complained about being "forced" to download a better and update software....only complaints I could see about it is the monitoring but then again who does a ton a shit on pc anymore? Almost all of us do it on mobile anyway and login to sites with mobile...

People will complain about anything honestly...

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Revvin2563d ago

Don't really see the problem, it's offering a free upgrade rather than a paid product. I understand some of the concens over privacy but the average user bleeds more info daily through their web browsers, Facebook, mobile phones and bank cards. I cautiously upgraded my laptop because it ran Windows 8.1 and I wanted rid of it but liked Windows 10 enough to upgrade both my Windows 7 desktop PC's.

dantesparda2562d ago

What if you just dont want Windows 10 and are perfectly happy with Windows 7? Huh, smart guy? No, i have to be forced to take that sh*tty OS?

Revvin2562d ago

You are not being forced to upgrade to Windows 10

rustyspoon802563d ago

I spent 4 hours this weekend "trying" to upgrade from win 7 to 10 and it still won't. Looks like I'll have to create an external media device (dvd, USB) and run it from that.

Tzuno2563d ago

Win 10 is MS Spy machine, they want you on their database to bomb you with ads that might interest you based on data from your PC or to see what the majority of masses want and like and MS will develop, selling taking cuts etc and sell it to you in the future.

Erik73572563d ago

YOu don't do personal stuff on your mobile? Are you in the past or something?

I'm just pointing out that all your personal information is already being monitored likely with or without windows 10...

NarooN2563d ago

"Everybody else spies on you, so it's okay if these guys do it too!"

I love seeing this train of logic every time somebody tries to defend Win10. FYI the spying stuff isn't the only concern people have for not "upgrading" to Win10. The spying stuff has been there for many Windows versions anyway, just taking a look into the EULA's for lots of MS software would've given lots of people heart attacks.

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