Microsoft Will Abandon Windows 8 Completely Next Week

Windows 8 was launched in October 2012 with much fanfare, but in the end, this proved to be just another flop in Microsoft's history. Often referred to as “the second Vista,” Windows 8 will reach end of support next week on Tuesday, so all users who are still running it must upgrade to 8.1 as soon as possible.

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RetrospectRealm2705d ago

Wow. Is this like the abandonment of Windows XP which took a million years? If so this was FAST.

Stringerbell2703d ago

Exactly its total BS. I said this in another article but there are plenty of institution out there running older versions of Windows, with contract extensions of those version lasting for another five years at least. Yet 8 is being dropped like a bad habit.

RetrospectRealm2703d ago

I still run Windows 7 because I just did not like the layout of Windows 8. I had XP for years but once they stopped service on that I moved to 7. I suppose eventually I'll move up again.

Stringerbell2703d ago

Yeah my desktop is 7 my new laptop is 8 and honestly I never hated 8, dont love it but after all the nonsense and intrusiveness I've heard in regards to 10, I'm in no rush to drop it.

Gondee2703d ago

Because they are forcing users to upgrade to windows 10. Its not like other OS's where users can choose to linger

donwel2703d ago

That's what I was thinking. Probably why the upgrade to 10 is free for Windows 8 users, otherwise they'd probably have a massive backlash.

KingPin2703d ago

for every one good decision MS makes, they make 5 bad ones.

the differences between 10 and 8.1 isnt that great apart from the UI and a few other minor features. if they were dropping an OS, one would assume WIn7 would get the axe.

this is just gonna force 8.1 users back to windows 7 even if it means them pirating the software. i know plenty of people who have legal copies of windows 8 and refuse to upgrade to windows 10 because of the crap they heard about it. they're not shy to openly admit that they would rather pirate 7 then go to legit windows 10.

RetrospectRealm2702d ago

You would assume Windows 7 would get dropped too, yeah, but probably not since so many people use it. And it's not like, "Well lots of people use 8 too." The people who use 7 are the people who don't like 8 and 8.1. So Microsoft has no choice but to keep that one on.


That means i need to upgrade to 8.1 or 10....thats impossible to me.

Chunnu2703d ago

This has to Happen, when a OS is flop within 2 years and needs to be replaced.

I have already got Windows 10 pro upgrade for free.

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