Microsoft makes blocking Windows 10 'Recommended' update near impossible | ZDNet

Update: Microsoft's push to update existing Windows 7 and 8.1 users is now becoming a shove, according to a new report. But it now sounds like the situation may not be as dire as feared.

garrettbobbyferguson2880d ago

I've seen some people show images of a clearly defined option that says (paraphrased) "click here to schedule another day or not upgrade". Though I'm not 100% certain which is true as everyone update I've done for various persons has been via a usb installation.

KingPin2879d ago

can someone explain this to me coz im sure MS could be sued over this in some way.
think about it...people paid for windows 7. so technically they bought windows 7. MS forcing an upgrade to 10 should be illegal in some way.
like if i bought a toyota with a 1.6L engine, and toyota offers a free upgrade to a V6 turbo engine. But i somehow feel that the turbo is problematic so i choose not to upgrade but the next time i take my car in for a service, they do the upgrade anyways.
now i know cars and software isnt the same thing but surely similar laws should apply no?

Speed-Racer2879d ago

Problem is when you buy a car, it's yours and you can do what the heck you want with it but when you buy Windows 7, it's more like buying a license to use it. So it's not 'really' your software entirely.

KingPin2879d ago

hmmm fair enough...but then if you read the eula of windows 10 theres this

"If you do not accept and comply with these terms, you may not use the software or its features."

now is that not simple english right there. people who don't agree with the windows 10 license should not forcefully be subjected to use the software.

scrolling further down i came across this as well

Downgrade Rights. If you acquired a device from a manufacturer or installer with a Professional version of Windows preinstalled on it, you may use either a Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 7 Professional version, but only for so long as Microsoft provides support for that earlier version as set forth in (aka.ms/windowslifecycle). This agreement applies to your use of the earlier versions. If the earlier version includes different components, any terms for those components in the agreement that comes with the earlier version apply to your use of such components. Neither the manufacturer or installer, nor Microsoft, is obligated to supply earlier versions to you. You must obtain the earlier version separately, for which you may be charged a fee. At any time, you may replace an earlier version with the version you originally acquired.

so now there are plenty people that have bought systems from installers with pro versions who are being upgraded forcefully. why should they be made to go through the entire update process only to have them downgrade. that to me is a waste of time and data.


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