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MSN Messenger officially shutting down. Here are some of the best memories we won’t forget

Vyralize: On April 8th, Microsoft officially started forcing users to switch from Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger) to Skype, which was acquired back in May 2011.

With all that being said and done, we won’t forget the fun memories growing up with MSN since its inception back in 1999. Here are some of the more memorable aspects of the program. (Culture, MSN Messenger, Skype, Software, Web, Windows Live Messenger)

Vyralize  +   375d ago
I am going to miss those days!
Trunkz Jr  +   374d ago
I Don't care I'm still using itt!!!!1
SouthClaw  +   375d ago
The good times are gone...
Racer-X  +   375d ago
The ability to customize your background, that was pretty cool. Also disabling the nudge limit.
mcroddi  +   375d ago
I guess I just dont care about it... skype all the way.
mcstorm  +   374d ago
Its sad news this service is closing down but I would rather have less to pick from as there are far to many message survives out there. I hope Ms help make Skype the best it can be now live is being dropped.
bub16  +   374d ago
I remember girls showing me their boobs on msn hahaha
aiBreeze  +   374d ago
I remember when my girlfriend had to move back to Canada to help her family (I'm from the UK) and I essentially spent three months having a relationship with her over msn until I joined her.. RIP Msn Messenger, you'll be missed!
fatstarr  +   374d ago
Greatest times indeed.
I hope someone implements the nudge system on social networks.

stickied for future feels and nostalgia
Myst  +   374d ago
>_> not sure my friends always tried to spam that lol
r21  +   374d ago
Ah, all those times talking to a girl i liked...then awkwardly avoiding her and trying to talk her...good times.
Unlimax  +   374d ago
First Hotmail to Outlook .. now this !

I hate looking at what behind the future .. i just wanna stick to the past , *Sigh* smh ~
BlmThug  +   374d ago
Ahhhh, good times indeed :')

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