Optical disc prices to rise nearly 50% in 2H13, says CMC chairman

DigiTimes: The global optical disc industry is experiencing a reshuffle which will continue into the first half of 2013 due to makers in Japan, as well as second- and third-tier Taiwan-based makers stopping production during 2012. Prices for optical discs are expected to increase by nearly 50% in the second half of 2013, according to Robert Wong, chairman of Taiwan's largest optical disc maker, CMC Magnetics.

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justinbkerr1215d ago

can't believe people are still buying these.

2pacalypsenow1215d ago

Well Games on Disks are better than digital and Blu ray Quality is miles ahead of Digital movies

frjoethesecond1214d ago

Not everyone can download 20gigs of data on a whim. Some people have internet caps less than that. Plus blu-ray looks better than almost anything else.

kaozgamer1214d ago

2nd half of 2013. you would have picked that up if you read the article

kingPoS1215d ago

There's nothing wrong with wanting tangible media.