What Windows 8 should have looked like

What's Hawt: "Let’s face it, the Windows design team really hasn’t come out with anything ground breaking until they introduced the ‘Metro UI’ for mobile phones and tablets, but even then Windows 8 still looks a lot like Windows 7.

Verge forum member Sputnik8 decided to step it up and create his own Windows user interface concept, and what can we say…it’s simply mind blowing (even those words can’t explain how much we like it)."

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Speed-Racer3566d ago

Superb design. That's all I have to say. I hope Microsoft fires the current design team, hunts down this guy, hires him, pays him big bucks to work on their UI.

C_Menz3566d ago

I agree. Although Windows 8 isn't really needed right now and is mainly geared towards the mobile market it seems with the design they made. Best for anyone with a desktop to just stick with Windows 7 and wait for W9 imo.

Halow3566d ago

Color scheme is terrible and it looks bloated and unnecessary. Is there a reason everything needs to look like it's a phone OS instead of a computer?

But I digress, I have windows 7 perfectly configured using windows classic UI so I feel like I am using XP, the greatest OS ever made.

Elvis3566d ago

Windows classic UI FTW!.

Cosmo8113566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

You think Windows XP is the greatest OS ever made therefore your opinion is invalid, sorry. The fact alone that you think it looks better than Windows 7 invalidates your opinion.

Halow3565d ago

I didn't say that windows 7 default UI looked terrible.. I said those windows 8 screens looked terrible.

Running windows 7 on the default is fine and it looks really well put together, but it is wasted resources to have all those pretty effects on when you can turn them off and get better performance while playing any games.

IllusionRSN3566d ago

I'm looking for something totally different... They really haven't changed much in a long time... I want an OS that has little to no booting time!

TheGameFoxJTV3566d ago

Then get a SSD and Windows 7.

arnyftw3566d ago

That looks amazing, hopefully ms sees this

AgentWhite3566d ago

Windows 8 must consider these as design prototype , Windows too need to get little sexier looks other then its classic look , some features must be added to make it look prettier but not at the cost of performance.

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The story is too old to be commented.