Will Windows 8 be irrelevant to regular PC users?

Will the average Windows PC user jump to Windows 8 next year or snub the new OS as a platform geared more for mobile devices?

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contra1573652d ago

Windows 8 metro is a joke. I don't like it on the mobile and I most certainly don't like it on a desktop it's almost saying your too stupid to use a more complex system, but one thing is certain of makes more sense on mobile devices then on a desktop

Software_Lover3652d ago

you dont like it on windows phone 7??????????????? Why may I ask. Its simple and just works. Its just like a windows desktop, or android (which looks like a windows desktop), or IOS, just the icons are bigger.

contra1573651d ago

What I ment was its not my thing, it makes more sense on mobile devices

Baka-akaB3652d ago

I wouldnt put it past them to try forcing it down our throat with yet another exclusive DirectX .

GrumpyVeteran3652d ago

It will be snubbed, I tried Windows 8 on the desktop and it's just abysmal. That metro UI is just crap. However, it's (metro) great on mobile devices.

Shackdaddy8363652d ago

I've never liked the metro look.

ThirstyforFanta3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Well Windows 8 gives you an option to disable the metro and go with normal desktop mode like previous versions of Windows..
But if companies begin to make laptops with really good multi-touch capabilities, like in a new Macbook for example, I think it will be pretty awesome working with the Metro interface