Bad, bad, bad vibrations

Shouting at a disk drive will cause it to stop. But what about the constant nagging disks get in noisy data centers or busy towers? That may be a bigger problem.


How to check what Hard Drive you have on Windows 10

What Hard Disk do I have? Do I have a SSD, HDD or Hybrid Drive? How to check the Specifications & RPM of the Hard Drive of your Windows 10 computer?

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Seagate FireCuda hybrid hard drives review — When you have to juggle between speed and space - Pokde

Seagate FireCuda hybrid drive is similar like normal hard drive but with its SSD cache, it has change the game with faster loading time for frequent accessed file. I put the hybrid drive on a test to see if the cache really works.


Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro review — it’s really powerful - Pokde

Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro is not only for photographers, it's for everyone. Indeed, it's a really powerful personal cloud storage.

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