Destination 1959 – Extraordinary Images Of A 5MB Hard Disk

Ever wondered how a hard disk looked like in the 90s? Apparently it couldn’t have crossed your mind, but these extraordinary images of a mere 5MB hard disk does give a glimpse of how technology has evolved over the last few decades.

franwex3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Wow. The picture of the hard drive contains more data than that!

Cid333128d ago

90s? i think 1959 is closer to the 60s or 50s at least that's how i have been taught.

mike32UK3128d ago

This writer is a complete idiot. First of all the title says 1959, then in the text it says 1956... THEN he refers to the time period as 90's

Tzuno3125d ago

he was drunk when he wrote


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